What’s A Good Exercise Plan To Lose Weight For Women?

Have you decided to turn your back on a sedentary lifestyle? Are you determined to become more active by working out regularly? If so, you may be interested in an exercise plan to lose weight for women.

There’s really no secret formula when it comes to losing weight. It has always been the same—taking in fewer calories and burning more of it through exercise. Hence, you need to watch your diet and integrate a regular exercise program for you to lose weight fast.

In losing a pound of body weight, you will have to burn around 500 calories more than what you eat every day for a week. But if you want to lose more fats, then you obviously have to eat less and work out more.

You can also limit your intake of foods rich in carbs like starchy vegetables, although the weight you’re about to lose by staying away from those foods consists mostly of fluids and not fats.

You can start building your cardiovascular endurance by doing simple activities like jogging in the morning or in the afternoon. The American Heart Association says that just spending 30 minutes a day for moderate intensity aerobic activity like walking would help adults trim excess pounds and improve their cardiovascular health.

However, you will eventually need to follow a lose weight workout plan to maximize your weight loss efforts. That said, here are some of the best workout plans to lose weight for women.

1. Eight Week Weight Loss Running Program

woman runningThis is an eight week training program that incorporates running with very basic strength training exercises like squats, pushups, and planks. The schedule is progressive, meaning the load increases from week to week. The only exception would be on weeks four and seven, when the load is strategically cut back to allow your muscles to recover from the workout.

During the program, you’ll find yourself on a fat-burning run meaning you will have to run at a pace that is 65 percent of your maximum heart rate. Thus it’s advisable that you invest in a heart rate monitor for this program.

You’ll also be doing strength training exercises. Don’t worry as the exercises won’t require you to buy barbell or any other piece of equipment. You’ll be doing body weight exercises like squats, lunges, deadlifts, and planks for this program.

There will also be days when you are to do sprint intervals on a steep hill or a treadmill that is on at least a six percent incline. And there will be days where you will have an easy run for 20 to 45 minutes. Finally, Sundays are reserved for rest.

In the first week of this workout plan to lose weight, you start with a 30 minute fat burning run on Monday, followed by a 15 minute strength training workout on Tuesdays. On Wednesday you need to do six hill sprints, and do easy sprints on Thursday.

Do strength training exercises on Fridays and then go on a fat burning run for Saturday to close out the week.

This would basically be your schedule for the next eight weeks in this lose weight exercise plan. However, you will have to increase the minutes on your workouts. For the fat burning runs, add five minutes every week that you should be doing a 55 minute run by the end of this program.

For strength training, you should do 30 minutes on the second and third week, then go back to 15 minutes on the fourth week. On the fifth week, you must be doing 45 minutes of strength training until the end of the program.

Add one lap for sprint intervals, so that by the eighth week, you would be doing 12 hill sprints.

2. Two Week Strength Training and Cardio Program

woman with dumbbellsHere’s another exercise plan for weight loss that you can try. Unlike the earlier program discussed, this one is shorter as it only runs for 14 days. And like the running program, it combines strength training and cardiovascular exercises.

However you need two sets of dumbbells for this program. The dumbbells should weigh between 2 to 6 and 8 to 10 pounds. You’d also need to restrict your caloric intake to 1,600 a day.

For the first week, you will be alternating between a workout that focuses on the chest, back, and abs and another workout that targets the legs, butt, and arms.

For the cardio exercises, you’ll be alternating between power walk and speed ladder. In power walk or sped walking, you will have to walk 3 miles per hour in the first five minutes, then increase the speed to 4 miles per hour in the next 20 minutes before cooling down in the last five minutes.

The speed ladder is also a 30-minute activity with varying speeds. Start with a 3 miles per hour pace in the first four minutes, then gradually pick up the pace in the succeeding minutes until you reach 4 miles per hour in the 15th minute. Then gradually reduce speed until you reach 3 miles per hour in the 25th minute, or the start of the cool down phase.

Strength plan A consists of the following exercises— hip drop, beach ball hug, full body roll-up, breast stroke, and read the paper.

Strength plan B consists of the following exercises—forward lunge and raise the roof, plié with biceps curl, squat with straight arm pressback, tip it over, and lateral raises.

You’d still be doing these exercises on the second week, but make it harder either by increasing repetitions or resistance. Allot days 7 and 11 for active rest.

This is said to be the best weight loss exercise plan for women lasting 14 days, as it can cause weight loss of around 6 pounds.

3. Eight Week Plan

woman at gymThis is another workout plan that would last for eight weeks or two months. It focuses on weight loss and increasing lean muscle mass. However unlike the two exercise programs, this eight week plan would require you to hit the gym.

Unlike the other eight week running program, this one would give you more time to rest as Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are rest days.

Mondays are dedicated for toning and cardio. You will start with a five minute workout, followed by a 10 minute cardio workout of your choice. After a five minute cool down period, start your toning exercises with three sets of bicep curls followed by three sets of tricep pulldowns with rope. End the workout with three sets of lat pulldowns on a cable machine and three sets of front raises using dumbbells.

Take a rest on Tuesdays and return to the gym for your cardio and core workout the following day. After a five minute warm up on a cardiovascular equipment of your choice, do three sets of plank exercises holding each set for at least 30 seconds. Perform three sets of crunches on a stability ball, and then three sets of bicycle crunches. Spend 10 minutes of interval training on a cardiovascular equipment of your choice before cooling down for five minutes.

Thursday is another rest day, giving you time to recover for Friday’s cardio and lower body workout. After warming up for five minutes, do three sets of lunges using dumbbells. Then proceed with three sets of squats, three sets of leg curls on a machine, before ending your workout with 10 minutes of jogging on a treadmill. Cool down for five minutes.

On Saturday, spend 30 minutes brisk walking. Then take a rest on Sundays.

Things will change beginning on week 5. For the second phase of this work out, you are to step up your cardiovascular and strength training.   On Mondays, vary your workout by doing 20 minutes of cardio exercises with a perceived intensity level of 7. Simply put, you should feel fatigued by the time you end this cardio workout.

After five minutes of rest, proceed to the strength training by doing three sets of bicep curls on cable machine, then three sets of inclined dumbbell press, three sets of tricep kickbacks on a bench, three sets of lat pulldowns on cable machine, and three sets of lateral raises with dumbbells.

On Wednesdays you still do the 20 minute cardio workout. After a five minute cool down, perform three sets of plank exercises holding each for 60 seconds, and then three sets of side plank exercises. Finish the day with three sets of leg raises on a bench.

Unlike in weeks 1 to 4, there’s no rest on Thursdays as you will have to spend 20 minutes on a cardiovascular equipment of your choice.

For Friday, spend 10 minutes jogging on a treadmill. After a five minute cool down, perform three sets of lunges with dumbbells, squats with dumbbells, seated calf raises with dumbbells, and side lunges with dumbbells.

On Saturdays, spend 20 minutes on a stationary bike. Then take a rest on Sundays.

With three workout programs to choose from, you should be able to get started on an exercise plan to lose weight.