What Are The Best Exercises To Lose Weight?

What Are The Best Exercises To Lose Weight?Do you wish you’re 15 pounds lighter so you can wear your old jeans? Or do you simply wish you’re slimmer so that you are in the pink of health? If you’ve always wondered what are the best exercises to lose weight, then you are reading the right article.

You might have known by now that there are no shortcuts to losing weight. The formula has always been the same—regular exercise and a healthy diet.

To lose a pound, you need to burn around 3,500 calories. So if the workout you are doing can make you burn 300 calories, you have to do that exercise 12 times to lose a pound.

Now you may have been working out regularly but you’re still not satisfied with the results. You can hardly see any difference in your weight. In exasperation, you usually find yourself saying ‘please help me lose weight.’

There may be several factors why you’re not getting the results that you want. You may be eating a lot despite working hard in the gym. Or you may not be doing the right exercises that help you lose weight.

That said, here are the top exercises you should be doing in order to shed those extra pounds.

  1. High Interval Intensity Training Cardio

Arguably the best cardio exercise to lose weight, this involves combining short rounds of high intensity moves like a 30-second sprint with a 30 second jog. It can change the way you look at cardio exercises especially if you have become bored with the typical 30 minute jog around your neighborhood or the 10 minute treadmill run.

With HIIT, you can elevate your heart rate quickly and enable your body to burn off calories more efficiently. The short burst of movements can cause a spike on your heart rate, and enhancing the after-burn effect of a workout. Plus, it is cost-efficient as you don’t need gym equipment to be able to pull one off.

In 2014, the American College of Sports Medicine conducted a survey involving close to 4,000 fitness professionals and the runaway choice as the top fitness trend was HIIT.

Several studies have proven that HIIT can burn up to nine times more body fat than any other cardio vascular exercise. Moreover, it can keep metabolism elevated for 24 hours. Thus, you r body can burn more calories even after you have finished this good workout to lose weight.

You don’t really need to be a gym buff in order to do HIIT cardio. You can start a session of cardio exercises for 20 minutes, working out at 70 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate.

Before you start, make sure you have warmed up. Spend at least three minutes for the warm up, and another three minutes to cool down and avoid dizziness or nausea.

Then proceed to spend the first 30 seconds of your cardio by running as fast as you can. Once you hit the 30 second mark, slow down and jog or walk for 60 seconds.

You can do the same on a treadmill. You can begin with a light jog for three minutes, then run at increased resistance levels and speed, doing so for 30 seconds and giving yourself 30 seconds of recovery. As you build cardiovascular endurance, you can increase the time for high intensity movement and shorten your time for recovery.

  1. Kettlebell Exercises

Through the years, the kettlebell has been used by a lot of people who want to lose weight and build muscles. If you have long wondered what are good exercises to lose weight, then you should learn how to exercise using a kettlebell.

What makes kettlebells very popular these days is the fact that these are very convenient pieces of workout equipment. You can perform kettlebell exercises at home for 10 minutes, which is great if you are having a busy day. And unlike barbells, you don’t need a rack or a weight bench to use a kettlebell. You only need a pair of kettlebells to lose weight fast.

A kettlebell workout can burn up to 400 calories, and you only need 20 minutes to complete it. It also strengthens your core, improve your posture and balance, aside from boosting your metabolism. In terms of calories burned, a kettlebell exercise has the same impact as completing a six-mile run.

Here’s a sample workout for beginners using kettlebells. You can do this work out twice a week, and it would focus on your chest, shoulders, and legs, while improving your core and grip strength.

Buy a pair of kettlebells that have a weight that would allow you to complete at least 12 repetitions per exercise. Rest in between set, and complete at least two circuits.

The first exercise involves one repetition of kettlebell swings. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, holding the kettlebell with both hands. Slowly swing the bell backward in between your legs, and then swing it back up to your eye level.

Then follow it with 12-15 reps of squat. Again, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the kettlebell up at eye level, keeping your back straight. Then squat as low as you can.

Another exercise you can do is the so-called power to the people. With the kettlebell on your right hand, extend your arm overhead. Then slowly lower it while at the same time raising your right knee, so that the elbow and knee almost touch each other. Then do the same on the other side.

  1. Swimming

Spending time in the pool can make you burn up to 700 calories an hour. Of course, you have to swim—whether you perform a breast stroke or the dog paddle. Aside from being effective in shedding pounds, swimming is a low impact exercise meaning you can do it even if you have nagging pain in the knees or feet. It can also strengthen and tone your entire body.

Swimming is a popular cross-training exercise for many athletes, and others swim to stay fit even as they rehabilitate an injury. It engages all the major muscle groups, from the abs, back muscles, legs, hips, arms, and glutes.

  1. Jumping Rope

There are some people who will answer jumping rope when they are asked ‘what is the best workout to lose weight?’

Jumping rope may seem like child’s play especially when you compare it with high intensity interval training or kettlebell exercises, but it is also very effective when it comes to burning off fats.

Consider that 10 minutes of rope jumping can burn as many calories of running a mile for eight minutes. Spending an hour jumping rope, meanwhile, can burn as much as 800 calories. It can also strengthen the bones and joints, while working on the core muscles as well as the legs and arms.

You can also incorporate high intensity interval training in rope jumping. Start by spending the first minute on high speed, then followed by a minute of rest or jumping rope on a slower pace.

After the one minute recovery period, alternate your feet. Or you can do the basic jump for 10 seconds before mixing it up by alternating your feet for 10 seconds. Then, perform a high step by bringing your knees to a 90 degree angle every time you jump. These variations should make an otherwise ‘boring’ jumping rope very challenging and intense.

  1. Burpees

Burpees is another exercise that you should regularly perform. According to health experts, a person who weighs 180 pounds can burn as much as 1.5 calories per burpee. Hence if you can do seven burpees a minute, you’ll be able to burn around 10 calories in one minute.

Aside from being effective in burning calories, burpees are pretty easy to do. You can perform them at home in the morning, just before going to the office.

To do a burpee, stand straight. Lower your body into squat position, and keep your hands in front of you. Then kick your feet back even as you maintain your arms extended. Return to your feet in squat position.

  1. Cycling

Last on our list of the best exercises to lose weight is biking. Cycling or biking is an answer most health experts come up with when asked ‘what is the best exercise to lose weight fast?’

This low-impact exercise won’t hurt your knees the same way that it won’t hurt your pockets, because it is relatively affordable. All you need is a bike, which you can use as a form of transport. Thus you not only get to stay fit but also save on your transport costs when you regularly bike.

Biking is very effective in burning off fats. If you weigh around 80 kilos, then you can burn around 650 calories when riding for an hour. You also get to tone your legs and work out your upper body.

These are the top six answers to the question, ‘what are the best exercises to lose weight.’ Now go ahead and start doing them so that you can see better results on your weight loss efforts.