Top Ten At Home Exercises To Lose Weight

Your busy lifestyle should never get in the way of you losing weight. Not only does being overweight put you at risk for numerous health problems like diabetes and cancer, it can also prevent you from looking at your best. Even if you lead a very hectic schedule, you can still stay fit by doing at home exercises to lose weight.

Yes, there’s really no excuse for you not to trim those unwanted pounds. There are lots of home workouts to lose weight that you can try. You don’t even have to shell out a lot of bucks to enroll in a gym and be able to get into the best shape of your life, as these home workouts have been proven effective in shedding excess fats.

Aside from being very convenient, these exercises won’t require you to invest in home gym equipment. Hence you don’t really need to spend a lot of money just to be able to achieve your desired weight.

Without further ado, here are the top ten exercises that you can do at home to lose weight:

  1. Squats

Top Ten At Home Exercises To Lose WeightOne of the simplest home exercises that you can do is the squat. You can burn as much as 100 calories when you do squats for 15 minutes if you weigh 135 pounds. Of course, you can increase those calories by increasing the intensity or speed by which you do this exercise.

Squats are also great if you have been very conscious of the fats around your hips, thighs and butt as it can tone muscles around those areas.

To do this exercise, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower your hips, as if you are to sit in a chair. While you do this, keep your chest up and back straight. Go back to the starting position and repeat.

A variation of this exercise is the squat jump. After doing a squat, you immediately jump with your arms swinging behind you. Do around 10 reps of this exercise.

  1. Triceps Push Ups

Like squats, you don’t need any piece of equipment to pull off this exercise. It’s a variation of the pushups that starts with you placing your hands on the floor, and keeping them under the shoulders.

Your body and back should remain straight while you bend the elbows near your body. This would make you lower your chest between your hands, and then you have to push back up into the starting position.

In case you are having troubles completing the push up, you can have your knees placed on the floor to lessen the stress on your upper body. But if you want to increase the intensity of this exercise, raise your feet up on an elevated surface.

  1. Plank

Like the two exercises mentioned earlier, the plank is a pretty easy exercise to do. You start by lying on the floor on your front, then placing your forearms and elbows on the ground. Your forearms and elbows should be directly below your shoulders, and you need to lift up your body so that your body weight is evenly distributed between the feet and forearms.
The exercise may look simple, but you’ll be surprised at how much calories it can burn. You can burn as much as 221 calories performing a plank for an hour if you weigh 150 pounds. Of course, it is unlikely that you’ll be doing planks for an hour. Still, burning around three to four calories a minute doing this home exercise should go a long way towards helping you trim unwanted pounds.

Plank is a great exercise if you have always wanted to have a toned midsection. It particularly targets the abdominal muscles. It can also increase your core strength, and work out the smaller muscle groups in the legs.

  1. Burpees

This is a full body exercise that you should have no problems performing. It targets the abs, quadriceps, obliques, biceps, and triceps, among other major muscle groups.

To do this exercise, start with your feet hip width apart. Lower yourself into a squat position while you keep your hands flat on the floor, just in front of you. Kick your legs backward, while you dip your chest to the ground. Then push your chest back up again to the press up position.

  1. Jumping Lunge

Begin with a normal lunge wherein your front leg is at a 90 degree angle and your other leg right behind you. With your core engaged, jump explosively and switch the position of your feet in midair so that you will land in a basic lunge and your right leg in front of you.

Repeat this movement by alternating the legs, so that in the next move, you would end up with the left leg in front. You should make sure too that the back leg is bent directly underneath your body to prevent injury.

  1. Jack Knife Crunches

This is an advanced abdominal exercise that can tone your stomach muscles. Like the other exercises in this list, you only have to use your body weight to do this exercise.

Begin by lying flat on the ground or an exercise mat. Your arms should be extended back, behind your head. Your legs too should also be fully extended.

Bend at your waist and raise your arms and legs, so that they would meet in a close jackknife position. At this point, the legs would be fully extended and at an angle of around 35 to 45 degrees from the ground. Your upper body has also been slightly raised off the ground when you reach this point.

Return to the start position by lowering your legs and arms, exhaling as you do. Repeat 10 to 12 times.

  1. Lateral Jumps

This exercise would not only hasten your weight loss but also improve your athletic ability. Start by standing upright keeping your legs and feet together. Your arms should hang at your sides. Contract your abdominal muscles as this would support your core during the jump.

Bend the knees so that you would assume a squatting position. Remember that your weight must be evenly distributed on both your feet. Your back should also remain straight all the time.

In preparation for your jump, roll your weight into the front of your feet. Then propel your body upward. You can even go to your left or right to add variation to this exercise.

When you land, make sure that your knees are bent so that they would be able to support your joints. You should land on the balls of your feet, and let the hells of your feet to drop to the floor. There should be as little noise and impact as possible when your feet land on the ground.
You can make the exercise more difficult or intense by adding a small object like a cone to jump over. Start with something that is around 12 inches tall and then progressively increase the height of the object as you improve your stamina.

  1. Jumping Rope

Obviously you need a jump rope in order to perform this exercise. In shopping for a jump rope, place your foot in the center of the rope and lift the handles. Check if the handles don’t go past your armpits. If it doesn’t, then the rope is just right for this exercise.

Allot 10 minutes for this exercise to burn around 135 calories. In the first minute or so, jump over the rope with your feet together with one jump per turn. Then vary your movements, like tracing a sideways figure 8 by moving from right shoulder to left hip and then moving from left shoulder to right hip.

Or you can do the double jump in which you leap high enough so that the rope would pass under your feet twice before you land on the ground.

  1. Jumping Jacks

If you don’t have a jump rope at home, then you can do jumping jacks instead. Jumping jacks are one of the most basic exercises, one that you have known since you were in grade school.

It is a full body exercise that targets the major muscle groups. When you do this exercise you should also breathe deeply to target the abs muscles as well. Or you can modify the exercise and make it more intensive. After jumping with your feet wide, assume a deep squad instead of going back to the standing position. This way you can target the abs muscles as well as your calf and thighs.

  1. Bridge

Also known as the hip raise, this is an excellent exercise not only for losing weight but toning your core, as well as strengthening your butt and back of the legs.

To do this exercise, lie on your back with the knees bent. Your feet should remain flat on the ground. Then raise your hips off the floor, with your body forming a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Pause at the top, and wait for a few seconds before lowering your body back to the ground.

Regularly do these at home exercises to lose weight and you will surely find yourself slimmer in a matter of weeks.